High Wayman Access rope access north wales
High Wayman Access Rope access North Wales
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Frequently asked questions about rope access.

Is it safe? I donít like the idea of people dangling around on ropes - and the building is in a very busy area. How can you protect pedestrians below you?

We can prepare a method statement and risk assessment for every job, explaining exactly how we will operate and what particular safety precautions will be needed. Every job is carried out to HSE guidelines, which require a double rope system and failsafe devices. All of our staff are highly experienced and fully trained in rope access work. The area below workers is always cordoned off to prevent public access, and tools are attached to the operative with lanyards so they canít drop. However, if necessary protective scaffold and/or catch nets can be erected or work could be undertaken when there is no one around - on a Sunday or overnight for example.

How and where do you fix your ropes?

Generally on the roof. All we need is internal access to the roof to find suitable anchor points (lift housings, fire escapes, structural steelwork). When necessary we can place our own anchors, drilling just two l0mm holes for each anchor.When the work is finished, we can fill the holes and there will be no trace of them, but you might find it useful to leave the anchors in place for possible future use.

I canít afford to upset the residents, they wonít tolerate a lot of noise, mess or inconvenience!

Instead of lorry loads of scaffolding and a gang of men, rope access work usually only requires two professionally trained workers, a small van, a bag of ropes and hand tools! There is less of a security risk too. We remove the ropes overnight so there is no temptation for potential vandals or burglars.

painting using rope access on conwy castle, north wales
How can we see the work?

No problem! We can carry out survey/inspections to your specifications and provide a full technical report with diagrams, photographs and video if required.

I need the problem solved yesterday! How quickly can you start work?

We operate a nationwide call-out service. There is no lengthy wait for a scaffold - by the time the scaffold was half erected we could well have done the job! On a small job we could start work in the time it takes to find or fix a couple of anchors and set up the ropes.