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Rope Access Services

We offer a wide range of services :

Building maintenance:

Roof repairs, flashing repairs, painting, pointing, spall removal, inspection, plumbing, brickwork, stonework and concrete repairs, conductor repairs, aerial repairs, and cable maintenance.

Temporary masonry stabilisation:

Removal, containment netting and pinning of loose masonry material before a permanent fix can take place.

Inspection surveys:

Non destructive testing and sample collection.


Window cleaning, gutter cleaning and stonework cleaning.


Cliff inspections, rock removal, vegetation removal, rock bolting and catch-netting.

Bird control measures:

Fixing of anti-roosting and anti-perching devices for birds and installation of bird netting.

Rope access training

Training for rope access.

rope access building inspection services

We can operate on a variety of structures:

River wall repairs on the Mersey.

Access survey at Lloyds of London.

Catch-netting at the Mersey Tunnels.

Window cleaning at Canary Wharf Station.

General building repairs and window cleaning on old and modern buildings.